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Coffee machines, also known as coffeemakers, are cooking appliances that are used to brew coffee. Even though there are several types of coffee machines that use various brewing principles, a majority of coffee machines have the automatic drip-brew principle in which coffee grounds are placed in a mesh filter or paper filter inside a funnel that is set over a ceramic or glass coffee pot and cold water is poured into a detached chamber that is heated up to boiling point and directed into the funnel.

New coffee machines are available in a wide range of styles and colors and complement modern sophisticated and classy kitchens. Presently, a wide range of beverages is available for coffee machines such as hot chocolate, milk-based specialty beverages, and even tea.

There are several types of coffee machines ranging from the single-serve coffeemaker, Espresso coffee machine, cafetiere, pour over coffee machine, electric drip coffee machines, among others. Some of the coffee machines listed on our website are Bonavita, BUNN GRBD, Ninja Coffee Bar, OXO, Ratio Eight, Kalita Wave, Breville, Rancilio, Bodum Brazil, Nespresso, and others.



What are the different types of coffee makers?

This is a glass jig with a wire filter and a plunger. You have to put in coffee grounds, then pour boiled water over it and place the plunger at the top. When the coffee is infused, you plunge down gently. Main advantages of this type of coffee makers, is that it offers flexibility: you can make as many cups as you want, and you can easily take it everywhere.

Filter coffee makers
These are sold in different cup volumes so you'll need to decide what fits your needs. Filter coffee machines are very easy to use as everything is automated from the point you pour cold water into the machine. The machine heats the water and lets it drop through coffee ground to infuse in a carafe. Paper filters are recommended, as permanent filters are difficult to keep clean. Some coffee makers use capsules, the most famous example is Nespresso, which is even easier as it's less messy. However, typically you can only buy those capsules at selected places.

These work similar to filter coffee makers but in reverse. The boiled water sits at the bottom and is going up in a vertical tube and through a filter which sits at the top of the machine. Once brewed, the coffee is in the bottom of a jug.

Espresso machines
If you like strong, rich, concentrated flavored coffee you want an espresso machine. You can also make cappuccino or latte with espresso makers. Generally you have two options you can choose from: a pressure or pump machine, the latter tend to be more expensive.
A pressure machine will boil water to build up pressure and steam, and will then force it through coffee ground. Some experts say pressure machines use too hot water to make a great espresso. A pump machine uses a separate container with a thermostat and boiler, so the water reaches the ideal temperature for an excellent espresso.

What things do I have to check when buying a coffee maker?

Bar pressure
This is crucial when you want to make good foam as good bar pressure will make sure the steam meets the coffee granules at the right speed. Bar pressure between 15 and 19 is the best.

Higher wattage means faster water heating. In case you want to make multiple cups, high wattage is a must.

Filter holder
The best option is a brass holder although they might be expensive. Aluminium holders are cheaper but keep the heat not as long.

This is a type of blower that heats water to the ideal temperature to prevent impairing the flavour and the coffee from being scalded.

Bean-to-cup coffee makers
These are expensive but give you most options. You can change the temperature and set the strength of the coffee. These machines grind the coffee on the spot which creates a richer taste.

What is a drip coffee machine?

A drip coffee machine uses an automated system, from the temperature of water to coffee infusion. This type of coffee maker heats cold water and disperses it over ground coffee beans. Following that, it's passed through a paper filter, or in some cases a metal filter, and into the carafe.

What is the right coffee to water ratio?

Every coffee maker uses a slightly different ratio so check the manual, but in general it is recommended to use between 3.25 and 4.25 ounces of coffee ground per 64 ounces of water (90-120 grams of coffee grounds to 1.9 litres of water).

What is the best temperature for brewing coffee?

Coffee makers should be able to reach and maintain a temperature of 198 ºF and 205 ºF (or 92 ºC and 96 ºC), that's the standard set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) which hands out certificates for coffee brewing equipment.

How do I make iced coffee?

You can make iced coffee in a few different ways. The easiest way to make it is to brew hot coffee and then put it in the refrigerator in a container until it's cold. Disadvantage of this method is that the coffee won't be as strong as a cold brew as they will be less concentrated. A better way to do it, is to steep cold water and coffee grounds for 18-24 hours and create a concentrate and then mix it with water.


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