Best Washing Machines for 2019

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The invention of the washing machine is a boon for busy people, working professionals, and housewives as it cleans an entire week of dirty laundry in a fraction of hour. The high-end latest washing machines provide the cleaning that cannot be matched washing by hand or older washing machines.

Apart from providing bright cleaning, the latest washing machines make less noise, vibrate less, can be controlled via Wi-Fi, wash via multiple water jets, and offer many more benefits.

There are two types of washing machines – front-loading washing machine and top-loading washing machine. In a front-loading washing machine, clothes are loaded through the front door, the door at the front of the machine, which usually contains a transparent window. Top-loading washing machine requires clothes to be loaded through the top of the machine that is often but not always covered with a hinged door.

Several washing machine models differ extensively in their use of energy, detergent, and water. The energy needed for heating is huge compared to that used by electronic devices, electric motors, and lighting. We have listed the products of some of the leading brands of washing machines LG, Kenmore, Electrolux, Maytag, Kenmore, among others.



What are the different types of washing machines?

Front Loading washing machines
The clothes are mainly loaded from the front door of this washing machine. It has got a transparent window. These types of machines are known to remove dirt from clothes without damaging them. Its larger loading capacity allows the users to put more clothes into the compartment at a time thereby saving time. One of the biggest advantages of buying these machines is that they are capable of cutting on your electricity bills as it consumes less power.

Top-loading machines
As the name suggests these types of machines require the users to put the clothes from the top door. It may or may not contain a hinged door. One can find the washer on the bottom and the dryer on the top side of these machines. It can well be said that a top loader can help users to get relief from bending over for transferring clothes into the washing machines. Its low price often makes it a viable choice for those with budget constraints.

What are the things that I need to check before buying a washing machine?

Wash settings
A washing machine has to conduct their function namely spinning, washing and rinsing. So, one needs to choose a washing machine based on the fabric that they are going to wash. There are some machines where preset water levels and spin setting along with temperature control is given. It is to be checked properly.

Tub material
Tubs can be of different types that include porcelain, plastic or enamel. Both porcelain and plastic are cheaper, but plastic tubs are quite sturdy in comparison to other materials.

Safety considerations
While buying washing machines, one need to check out the safety features like child lock, automatic restart option, rodent protection, and stable spinning.

Type of washing machine
It perhaps the first and foremost things that the buyer have to decide on as it is better to look at the features of top loading and front loading machine and then choose the one based on your requirements.

Temperature control
It is recommended to buy washing machines that have an inbuilt temperature control system. The presence of heaters can allow users to protect their clothes against harmful bacteria.

How much water is used per wash by washing machines?

The amount of water per wash is highly dependent on the type of machine. A top-loader mainly makes use of 30 to 40 gallons of water per wash whereas front loader uses half of this amount.

Which is the ideal temperature for washing clothes?

Mostly, clothes can be washed with the use of warm water as it will prevent your clothes from fading or shrinking. While it is recommended to use cold water (80°F) in case the user is washing delicate fabrics or bright colored clothes.

Which are the latest features in washing machines?

The latest washing machines are featured with a wide range of new features like less vibration, low noise, multiple water jets and Wifi controlled wash. These features are giving users a good washing experience.

Is there any proper way to use a washing machine for saving electricity?

The power consumption of a washing machine is largely dependent on the way it is used. Here are some tips for using washing machines for saving on electricity bills:
— Wash the clothes in cold water.
— Prior to washing soak the stained clothes in cold water at least one hour before washing.
— Remove the plug of the washing machine when not in use.
— Wash clothes at off-peak times.
— You need to optimally load the machine, not too many and not too few clothes, check the user manual for the optimal load weight.


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