Samsung Flexwash

Samsung FlexWash 6.0 Cu. Ft. Washer with Steam

CNET review:

“If you think you’d make regular use of the dual washers, the FlexWash is a solid bet. Samsung’s $1,899 WV9900 FlexWash front- and top-load washing machine is gorgeous, versatile and easy to use.”

Digital Trends review:

“This is one of the best front-load washers we tested and the secondary small top washer adds a welcome splash of efficient functionality. In total, the FlexWash has six cubic feet of washer space.”

Featured in Digital Trends’ Best Washing Machines for 2018.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 19th in Appliances

Ranked 5th in Washing Machines

$ 1550

Samsung FlexWash is a 27-inch front load washing machine that comes with a total capacity of 6 cubic feet, of which 5 cubic feet belongs to the lower washer, and the remaining 1 cubic feet belongs to the upper washer. The washing machine can wash two different loads simultaneously.

The Samsung FlexWash is super fast and can wash an entire load in as less time as 30 minutes, which is more than 45 percent faster without forgoing cleaning performance. The washing machine comes with a steam wash that releases steam from the bottom saving you the effort of pre-treating the soiled clothes and removing the toughest stains and dirt from fibers.

The Samsung FlexWash washing machine comes with an innovatively designed VRT Plus that diminishes vibration so that heavy loads remain quiet and balanced even at high speeds. The washer comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that will enable you to monitor the leftover cycle time, get alerts upon completion of the cycle, and schedule cycles from anywhere just with a click on a smartphone.

The Samsung FlexWash is Energy Star certified that means it meets stringent Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria to guarantee high-quality energy efficiency regarding performance.

The Samsung FlexWash features a large touch display that has numerous settings that are easy to find. The washing machine comes with a built-in sink for hand-washing delicate clothes or presoaking clothes with tough stains. The 5 cubic foot lower washer of the Samsung FlexWash comes included with a drum light offering an easy view inside.

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