Best Architecture Books of 2019

We have compiled a list of the best architecture books as per the recommendations of critics from The New York Times, National Public Radio, The Guardian, among others.

All recommendations of critics are referenced with the reviews of customers from various websites such as, Barnes & Noble, and many more.

All the architecture books featured on our website has a customer review rating of a minimum of 4.0 out of 5 stars, so you know you always buy an excellent architecture book.

Architecture is the procedure and the end result of designing, planning, and buildings humanmade structures. In the form of buildings, architectural works are usually regarded as works of art and cultural symbols.

Architecture as a subject needs interest, enthusiasm, a vivid imagination and the ability to look at the big picture to master it. However, all these are not sufficient in isolation, and it requires learning to master the subject. This is achievable by reading architecture books that provide you with skills and trigger your imagination.

Architecture books are great for the aspirants who are planning to get a degree in the subject or are studying for entrance examinations for the courses. Gaining an in-depth knowledge on the subject one chooses to learn is a great idea and the books on architecture listed on our website provide in-depth knowledge about the subject ranging from its inception, various stages of architecture, various types of architecture, and the current trends in architecture.

Some of the highly acclaimed architecture books listed in our website are Postmodern Design Complete: Design, Furniture, Graphics, Architecture, Interiors, Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone, Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models: 14 Kirigami Buildings to Cut and Fold, Haute Bohemians by Miguel Flores-Vianna, and You Say to Brick: The Life of Louis Kahn.


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