Design For Good

Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone

World Architecture Community review:

“In Design for Good, John Cary offers character-driven, real-world stories about projects around the globe that offer more—buildings that are designed and created with and for the people who will use them.”

Featured in The World Architecture Community Best Architecture Books of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 51st in Books

Ranked 6th in Architecture

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A design can be related to anything that we use in our daily lives: a saucepan, a stool, or even a simple television remote. In his book Design for Good, author John Cary has considerately selected 17 building projects and their functional and pleasingly exceptional architectural designs from several Asian and African countries.

The designs are vividly diverse, reckoning on their budgets and the relative locations. This book has an elegant design, whose content comprises of half text and half photography.

The text is highly informative, well laid out and the professionally taken photographs are all duly labeled, which creates an involving environment for the reader.

Design for Good also lists the various types of design, that helps in qualitative assessment of the impact created by each project within its context. John Cary attempts to assert the various ways in which the design aggrandizes, the different ways in which the design can be perceived, and also the ways in which the potential of a particular design can be explored.

Cary’s personal experiences and narratives of each of the sites and projects, speaks of his compendious knowledge about designs.

In short, John Cary’s Design for Good always comes in handy when it becomes important to re-enroot the anticipation that design brings to people, which includes both the designers and the people for whom these designs are designed for. It highlights the various aspects of the design world by demonstrating how can achieve results that are largely successful, through assimilation of public dialogues and involvement.

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