Entryways of Milan

Entryways of Milan – Ingressi di Milano

The Guardian review:

“Calm, fine images show 100-plus examples of the playful, well-crafted lobbies through which bourgeois Milanesi like to enter their apartment blocks, spaces which wear lightly both Italy’s classical heritage and the freedoms of modernist design.”

Featured in The Guardian’s Best Architecture Books of 2017.

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4.7 out of 5.0

Ranked 38th in Books

Ranked 5th in Architecture

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Entryways of Milan is the result of conscientious research carried out by editor Karl Kolbitz. This book contains 144 extravagant entryways to the Milanese residential buildings that run the spectrum from the total graphics abstraction to the quiet Modernism of the midcentury. This 384-page volume features the entrancing photographs by Paola Pansini, Delfino Sisto Legnani, and Matthew Billings, who have beautifully captured the timeless allure of these architectural beauties.

This book accentuates the day to day spaces, with the most abrupt details such as the gallant panels of tufted leather, alabaster planes and glasses stained with trompe l’oeil, alongside countless lavishly hued marbles from across Italy, which is rigidly framed in terrazzo, bronze, and plaster. 

While Kolbitz was in search for signs of great architecture and design during his visit to Milan, he stumbled upon these entryways that were having pleasing proportions with clever use of lighting, well-tended plants and imaginative architectural detail that was loud in refinement and sophistication.

Kolbitz enrolled collaborators such as stone specialists, writers, photographers and professional architects to contribute to the book. There are interesting essays on ceramics as well as indoor plants and intimate stories from different addresses marked across the city.

Entryways of Milan:  Ingressi di Milano is no doubt, enjoyable documentation of how these famous Milanese entryways establish themselves as a sublime example of midcentury modernism, that makes use of color, design, and form to generate a dramatic sense of arrival along with strong emotional responses.

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