Haute Bohemians

Haute Bohemians by Miguel Flores-Vianna

New York Times review:

“From rooms rich with texture and layered with vibrant patterns to spare outdoor spaces strewn with greenery, Miguel Flores-Vianna’s Haute Bohemians is a treasure trove of inspiring and transportive interiors.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.0 out of 5.0

Ranked 161st in Books

Ranked 7th in Architecture

Ranked 53rd in Home

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Haute Bohemians by Miguel Flores-Vianna is a book with a description of nearly twenty homes in all parts of the world – from Argentina to Montauk, from the Gran Canaria to Paris, from the Dolomites to the north of Morocco – with stories instead of styles.

The book takes the readers to a journey into some interesting homes with desks filled with objects arranged in a creative mess, ruffled beds, and multicolored flower bouquets, all arranged by the owners of the homes:  interior designers, writers, antique dealers, landscape designers, fashion designers, and artists. The book documents the places where they live canal-side lofts, beach bungalows, country cottages, and East Village apartments as well as Palazzo, chateaux, and estancias.

In the book, the homes become the account of the places of the people who live in them. Some of the places are gorgeous; others are humble. However, all are authentic, charming, stylish, and above all original, in the sense that the spaces mirror the owners’ taste and care.

As Luxe Interiors & Design rightly wrote in its review, the book accounts a series of visits made by Miguel to the living spaces of some of the most respectable artists, designers, and tastemakers with full of soul. The New York Times Style Magazine noted in its review that Miguel had recorded layered and lush homes of the acquaintances and friends he made along the way.

The book has 312 pages, with 250 color illustrations, 10inches x 13 inches portrait, and comes with hardcover with jacket. The book is priced at USD 40.

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