Post Modern Design

Postmodern Design Complete: Design, Furniture, Graphics, Architecture, Interiors

New York Times review:

“Over 480 pages Postmodern Design Complete covers architecture, design, graphic design and edited design in the work of more than 60 adherents.”

Featured in New York Times’ Best Art Books of 2017.

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4.9 out of 5.0

Ranked 13th in Books

Ranked 2nd in Architecture

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Postmodernism was always bemused in inclusivity, reinterpretations, unique combinations, unrestricted creativity, pluralism and a completely non-linear approach to design solutions. In her book “Postmodern Design Complete”, the author Gura has clustered a survey of the primary players that are connected with these aspirations. She has elegantly narrated the story of  Postmodern design by delivering memoirs of the individual artists in a unique vogue.

The most notable feature of the Postmodernism era is the way it wandered in a comprehensive manner. If looked upon at the entire art history, it’s the advancements in technical aspects of architecture that influenced the approach to sculpture, which in turn, became the reason behind the changes in paintings.

And Gura has beautifully illustrated the quintessential achievements of the design movement through an array of 860 illustrations, along with various essays by the commanding Postmodern heralds such as Arlene Hirst, Denise Scott Brown, Hans Maier-Aichen and Charles Jencks.

This book also includes a detailed summary of preeminent postmodern homes and their interiors coupled with the contemporary designs that are influenced by the design movement. Encompassing a beautifully crafted preface by Charles Jencks, preceded by a highly informed and accessible text and a comprehensive concluding addendum by Denise Scott Brown, this book delightfully brings together the little-seen rarities and classics.

Assimilating the most acquainted material and sources in a single volume, Postmodern Design Complete is the unambiguous summary of the movement’s later years and one that is bound to tempt the tastes of any design-conscious pursuant.

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