Best Business Books of 2018

We have aggregated the recommendations for business books from trusted experts that have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Guardian, NPR, New York Times and Washington Post among others.
All business books featured in this section have a customer review rating of a minimum of 4.0 out of 5 stars. The ratings you see on our website are aggregated from different sources to enable you to purchase nothing but the best business books.
Business books can offer you with strong business acumen without fail, and they can teach you the simple business ideas that will help you to enter into the world of business and converse with other business people.
Business books can be useful in various ways for various people. It can serve as a guide for creating business plans, building a brand image, creating marketing strategies, and transforming a startup into a successful business. It can provide much information to investment professionals starting from investment trends, accessing a wealth of resources on the international markets, and many more things. It can give valuable lessons to managers from honing their leadership skills to successfully coordinating teams.
We also have books on personal finance where readers can learn how to save for a big purchase, acquire assets, minimize liabilities, and manage money for a comfortable retirement. For job aspirants and budding professionals, we have books for job guides, interview skills, managing career, and assistance with their careers. There are several books on economic history and shifts in the dynamic economic environment.

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Business Books
4.4 Janesville

Janesville: An American Story by Amy Goldstein

New York Times

“Moving and magnificently well-researched… Janesville joins a growing family of books about the evisceration of the working class in the United States. What sets it apart is the sophistication of its storytelling and analysis”

Featured in New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of 2017.

4.7 An American Sickness

An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back

Washington Post

“An authoritative account of the distorted financial incentives that drive medical care in the United States.”

Featured in Washington Post’s 50 Notable Non-Fiction Books of 2017.

4.3 Option B Sheryl Sandberg

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

Washington Post

“The Facebook executive’s deeply personal self-help book — written with organizational psychologist Adam Grant — illustrates that nothing can inoculate us against grief. But interspersed among devastating scenes about the death of her husband in 2015 are powerful strategies for coping when your world feels like it’s falling apart.”

Featured in The Washington Post’s 2017 Best Book Gifts.

4.4 Hit Refresh

Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone


“Thoughtful and open in the moment, unfailingly honest in retrospect, the book beautifully captures the experience of leading through change and positively maps the challenges of a future transformed by technology.”

Featured in Bloomberg’s Best Books of 2017.

4.5 Content Trap

The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change


“Today, to some extent, every company is a media company, but Anand emphasizes that it’s not just about the content you create; it’s the connections you make that matter—the platforms and network effects.”

Featured in Bloomberg’s Best Books of 2017.

4.1 Adaptive Markets

Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought


“Andrew Lo’s powerful new book brings together insights from many fields to advance our understanding of markets and investor behavior. In doing so, he provides one of the most compelling accompaniments to the theory of market efficiency.”

Featured in Bloomberg’s Best Books of 2017.