Best Fiction Books of 2018

We have compiled the best fiction books as per the recommendations of critics from The New York Times, National Public Radio, The Guardian, among others.
All recommendations of critics are referenced with reviews of customers from various websites such as, Goodreads, and many more.
All the fiction books featured on our website have a customer review rating of a minimum of 4.0 out of 5 stars, so you know you always buy a great fiction book.
Fiction is literature in form of a story or setting that is developed from imagination and that illustrates imaginary things, people and events. It is not based on fact or history.
Fiction books help children in developing a treasure trove of vocabularies as it entertains them enough to be read from one end to the other. Fiction books can go a long way in triggering the imagination and creativity of the readers and enable them to conceive an entirely imaginative world. As they imagine the settings, the scenarios, the characters, their creativity and imagination are at their best. Fiction books also provide them with a much-needed break from their routine lives.
In a wide sense, the fiction genre consists of works of writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, from ancient and legendary tales to contemporary works. Our website lists several acclaimed and bestselling fiction books including American War: A Novel by Omar El Akkad, The Ninth Hour: A Novel by Alice McDermott, The Power: A Novel by Naomi Alderman, Golden Hill: A Novel of Old New York, The King Is Always Above the People: Stories, among others.

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Best Fiction Books
4.5 Home Fire

Home Fire: A Novel by Kamila Shamsie

LA Times

“Shamsie’s writing is measured and beautiful, and the novel ends with a shock that readers won’t likely be able to forget.”

Featured in LA Times’ Best Fiction books of 2017.

4.4 Sing Unburied Sing

Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel by Jesmyn Ward

Washington Post

“Sing, Unburied, Sing is built around an arduous car trip when a black woman and her children drive to a state penitentiary to pick up their white father. The narration passes back and forth between the convict’s 13-year-old son and his drug-addled mother, Leonie.”

Featured in Washington Post’s Best 10 Books of 2017.

4.5 Five Carat Soul

Five-Carat Soul: A Novel by James McBride

Washington Post

“The story collection by this National Book Award winner delivers insights into racial identity, war, masculinity and humanity.”

Featured in Washington Post’s 50 Notable Fiction Books of 2017.

4.6 Stone Sky

The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth) by N. K. Jemisin


“A transformative cap to a series that hasn’t so much raised the bar on epic fantasy as it has fundamentally changed the genre.”

Featured in NPR’s Book Concierge Great Reads of 2017.

4.2 The Ninth Hour

The Ninth Hour: A Novel by Alice McDermott


“Alice McDermott carefully builds a world and a story that leads to an act of love so unexpected it will leave you lingering over the final page, wondering how she pulled it off.”

Featured in NPR’s Book Concierge Great Reads of 2017.

4.0 American War

American War: A Novel by Omar El Akkad


“This novel by Omar El Akkad breaks all the conventions. It’s America split in two by another civil war and destroying itself.”

Featured in NPR’s Book Concierge Great Reads of 2017.