The Best We Could

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir

Washington Post review:

“Bui, a Vietnam-born Californian, delivers in her debut graphic novel a cinematic epic that poignantly tracks several generations through immigration and emotional dislocation.”

Featured in Washington Post’s Best Graphic Novels of 2017.

NPR review:

“In this searing and soulful memoir, Bui examines her own family’s journey from Vietnam to the United States, using an unflinching lens to reveal the traumas that people carry.”

Featured in NPR’s Book Concierge Great Reads of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 61st in Books

Ranked 15th in Fiction

Ranked 12th in Graphic Novels

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The Best We Could Do is a beautifully illustrated memoir by Thi Bui.

The intimate graphic novel gives in-depth and touching detail on a family’s journey from war-ravaged Vietnam. It is an inspiration to anyone who has searched for a better future while longing for a simpler past. It gives an understanding of how a family coped and overcame a difficult and humbling time.

It is so wonderfully told that it has received the following distinctions:

— National bestseller

— 2017 National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) Finalist

— ABA Indies Introduce Winter / Spring 2017 Selection

— Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Spring 2017 Selection

— ALA 2018 Notable Books Selection

Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist, Viet Thanh Nguyen calls it “a book to break your heart and heal it.”

After viewing only one page of The Best We Could Do, readers will completely understand why this book has been held in such high esteem. It explores the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects of displacement on a family.

Bui’s gives shocking details on her family’s dramatic escape after the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s, as well as the difficulties they faced in building a new life for themselves.

Through all of this, Bui is adjusting to life as a first-time mother. She discovers what it means to be a loving parent. She shares the endless sacrifices, the unnoticed gestures, and the depths of unspoken devotion.

During her journey, she adapts to being both a parent and a child, and with haunting, poetic writing and breathtaking art, she bares it all, sharing the strength of family, the importance of identity and the meaning of home.

This book is simply a must read, no doubt about it!

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