Good Bones

Good Bones: Poems by Maggie Smith

Washington Post review:

“The title poem of Good Bones went viral this year because its central theme — wanting to believe in the goodness of the world for the sake of one’s children — connected with so many people.”

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Maggie Smith’s viral poem “Good Bones” showcases the tale of motherhood, fear, and loss with delightful imagery and a sensitive ear for language.

Good Bones is a highly admired book of poetry with some beautiful images. Maggie Smith created something different from her previous book, “The Well Speaks of Its Own Poison” (Tupelo 2015). This book explores the “invisible surround,” interpreting how things become what they are and learning to live with and love them, especially when it’s challenging.

This book was translated across the world and featured on the TV drama “Madam Secretary,” and called as the “Official Poem of 2016” by Public Radio International, earning news coverage in the Washington Post, Slate, The Guardian, and beyond.

Smith conceives and brings forth this philosophical guidebook, a book for child and mother to lead each other into a hopeful present. Smith’s poems state the goodness of humanity: empathy, compassion and the ability to comfort each other when darkness falls.

“In this book, Maggie Smith has so much to tell us. Smith writes out of the experience of motherhood, inspired by watching her children read the world like a book they’ve just opened, knowing nothing of the characters or plot.

It’s Smith’s dynamically accurate and realistic images, and her supernatural ability to find just the right word or action to crack open our known experience, that makes Good Bones an excellent book. Smith expresses what happens when intelligence and opulence of heart meet the hands of a master craftsperson.

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