Grandville Force Majeure by Bryan Talbot

The Guardian review:

“Strongly recommended is Grandville Force Majeure, the fifth and final book in Bryan Talbot’s magical series of stories about a steampunk badger detective, Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard.”

Featured in The Guardian’s Best Graphic Novels of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.2 out of 5.0

Ranked 137th in Books

Ranked 38th in Fiction

Ranked 19th in Graphic Novels

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Bryan Talbot, an award-winning graphic novelist, portrays, “Grandville is nothing short of entertaining. Talbot’s art of storytelling is balanced, and his use of anthropomorphic characters is great.”

Featured in the Guardian’s best graphic novels, this book is the fifth and final edition in Grandville series. In this book, Talbot has narrated a story about a science fantasy in the United Kingdom, populated by humanoid animal characters and centered around a Detective Inspector La Brock during a gang war. He is the victim of a diabolical theme designed by organized crime sawyer Tiberius Koenig.

The Grandville series distinguishes itself, seducing with its embossed hardcover heft, ornate, modern art, inspired decoration and endpapers, and crisp color printing, in a format reminiscent of classic children’s comic annuals.

Bryan Talbot, who is best known as the creator of his previous masterpiece, “The Adventures of Luther Arkwright”, its sequel, Heart of Empire; and the award-winning The Tale of One Bad Rat has written this book for all the crazy fans who love to read scientific romance thriller genre.

Bryan showcases in this book a famous cruel imaginative story of disloyalty, tenacity, and tragedy, the acclaimed Grandville series concludes with its largest and most shocking volume yet. He fashions an anthropomorphic Steampunk roller coaster of thrills, humor, and mystery.

This is a very dense book. A lot of ups and downs, flashbacks, take backs, explanations in the old Sherlock Holmes style. This book also pays tribute to Jean-Jacques Grandville, the pen name of the nineteenth-century French cartoonist famed for his animal-headed metamorphoses.

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