Monograph by Chris Ware

The Guardian review:

“Fans of Chris Ware will long to own Monograph, a retrospective of the life and career of the creator of Jimmy Corrigan so luxuriantly huge, it’s almost impossible to lift.”

Featured in The Guardian’s Best Graphic Novels of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.8 out of 5.0

Ranked 26th in Books

Ranked 9th in Fiction

Ranked 7th in Graphic Novels

$ 40

Chris Ware’s Monograph is a galvanizing retrospective of his exceptional work as a comic artist. Ware is one of the renowned cartoonists in today’s date, and the opulent Monograph provides all the substantiation that one needs to extrapolate this fact.

Monograph is a biography disguised as a bountifully-exemplified fine art retrospective. Despite having many stunning reproductions, this book is an honest and heartfelt confession about the crafts Ware created and the life he lived.

The content features original drawings in blue pencil along with their final colored versions, alongside an assemblage of wooden paintings, figurines, and mixed-media mechanical carvings.

Ware has a unique, and at times, a flummox way of looking at the world. He is seemingly never obligated by traditional dimensions of books or comics. His art has been released in various comic boxes, figure form, and sizes. The creativity of Ware’s work doesn’t limit only till his graphic style and subject matter, but also extends to its presentation.

Ware’s style assimilates the momentary form with the emotions and confusions of his worlds and characters alongside impossibly precise and intricate drawings that range from robot blueprints to the character studies. He can use his conscientious art skills to impart the disarray of life that works so well.

The best part in experiencing any book by Ware is the fact that once you start looking closer, you’ll find yourself exploring and digging even deeper.

Monograph is a critical resource, which is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and at the same time, filled with phenomenal explanations and interpretations of the artist’s medium and work.

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