Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation: A Novel by Katherine Heiny

Washington Post review:

“At the center of this witty novel is a mother with an outsize personality who must deal with a son who’s an origami prodigy.”

Featured in Washington Post’s 50 Notable Fiction Books of 2017.

NPR review:

“This book charmed me because of the two women at its center – they aren’t archetypes, but fully realized women. I understand why Graham fell in love with both of them.”

Featured in NPR’s Book Concierge Great Reads of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.0 out of 5.0

Ranked 167th in Books

Ranked 59th in Fiction

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“Warmhearted… Dishes up amusing riffs on marriage, misfits, and finicky eaters, plus some wonderfully on-target descriptions… Explores the complexities and ambivalences that color even our most central relationships… This book is about a marriage under stress—though Heiny keeps it bubbly, evoking the smart, stylish wit of Laurie Colwin, Nora Ephron, and Maria Semple… [She] clearly has what it takes to join the elite coterie of witty social satirists who turn out smart, lively charmers” is the stellar review of this book by Heller McAlpin of NPR.

The characters a vividly described and their actions, thoughts and feelings jump off the pages and into readers’ minds and hearts.
Graham Cavanaugh divorces his first wife to marry his girlfriend, Audra. Audra is irrepressible, spontaneous and fun and the grass looks a whole lot greener on the other side of the fence to Graham.

Soon he learns though, that life with Audra is no walk in the park either. Their life is constantly interrupted by chatty phone calls, picky-eater houseguests and invitations to weddings of people he has never met.

Audra is a firm believer that the sheer force of her personality can overcome all socially challenging interactions. These interactions include shepherding her son through awkward playdates and origami club, and even establishing a friendship with Graham’s first wife, Elspeth.

The odd relationship that the three develop makes for a hilarious and rueful debut novel of love, marriage, infidelity, and origami.

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These are some of the awards and recognitions that the novel, Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny has received. The hilarious novel is gripping from the very first page.

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