Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past

Smithsonian review:

“Dinos have long captured the imaginations of scientists and artists alike, and Paleoart brings those visions together in a sublime blend of human knowledge and creativity.”

Featured in Smithsonian’s Best Science Books of 2017.

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4.7 out of 5.0

Ranked 44th in Books

Ranked 6th in History

Ranked 18th in Non-fiction

Ranked 3rd in Science

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Paleoart is the modernistic art that dates back to England in 1830. This involves a visual tradition of reconstructing the prehistoric past from the skeletal evidence excavated and collected by the paleontologists.

And one such book of this genre is: “Paleoart: Visions of a Prehistoric Past,” which brims with images that are inspired in the heat of astounding discovery and masterful works of hand wrought time travel. 

The author Zoë Lescaze has researched way deeper into this subject, which helped her successfully uncover and document the radiant oil paintings cloistered in the dark storerooms of Czech Republic, huge museum murals in Moscow, and the British archives that tucks within itself, an array of attractive and delicate watercolors.

Through this book, she has highlighted various collectible cards, and frescoes, mosaics, ink drawings, lithographs and many low-relief ceramics that have never been published before. She has compiled an elegant and interesting 200-year history of paleoart, wherein an exciting introduction of a list of unlikely characters is made. This list includes an almost blind painter, an artist who claims to be able to see dead dogs, a narcissist rival scientist and a fossil collector, who’s completely psychopathic.

Lescaze has illuminated the era that existed before the introduction of digital imagery, which has now changed the way paleoart is made. She has focused on the time period when prehistoric monsters were crafted using the paint-smudged hands of the paleoart professionals, inside cluttered studios.

The book is like a bipartite time machine, that takes us back in time to visualize the world of paleoart that existed back then.

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