Why Poetry

Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder

LA Times review:

“Zapruder contends in this accessible defense and salutation of poetry, an understanding of a poem comes to life anew “in the mind of each half-dreaming reader.”

Featured in LA Times’ Best Non-Fiction Books of 2017.

Washington Post review:

“This surprising work shows novices how to navigate poetry while reeducating anyone who was taught to dissect a poem as if it were a dead frog.”

Featured in Washington Post’s 50 Notable Non-Fiction Books of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.5 out of 5.0

Ranked 88th in Books

Ranked 42nd in Non-fiction

Ranked 6th in Poetry

$ 17

The author of Come On All You Ghosts brings readers another brilliantly written novel called Why Poetry. His name is Matthew Zapruder.

The praise for the words contained within the book’s pages is astounding. Publishers Weekly says, “In many ways a marvelous book…This passionate book, aimed at would-be poets, would work well both in a college classroom and in the hands of ordinary readers.

In the same breath, the San Francisco Chronicle proudly announces, “Refreshingly humble and direct… Zapruder is the ideal narrator to debunk mistaken ideas about the art and claim that the ways we teach poetry are what prevent us from enjoying it…WHY POETRY casts its net wide and hauls in a splendid bounty.”

The critically acclaimed, award-winning poet is of the philosophy that the way we have been taught to read poetry is what that prevents us from enjoying it. His lively, lilting prose seeks to change that negative perception one word at a time and correct the misinformation that interferes with our individual experience with poetry.

He gives readers great insight into what poems are and how they can read. Even more important, he shows how reading poetry can help us to all lead our lives with greater meaning and purpose.

Anchored in poetic analysis and steered through Zapruder’s personal experience of coming to the form, Why Poetry is written in an engaging and conversational matter that makes a passionate argument for the necessity of poetry in an age when information is constantly being mistaken for knowledge. He provides a simple reading method for approaching poems and illuminates concepts like associative movement, metaphor and more.

Zapruder eliminates the obstacles that we face as readers to show that poetry can be read and enjoyed by anyone.

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