The Streak

The Streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken Jr., and Baseball’s Most Historic Record

Sports Illustrated review:

“This is a very good book. Gehrig played in 2,130 straight games. Fifty-six years after it ended, Ripken Jr. topped that number and then some, adding 502 games to his streak before he finally missed one.”

Featured in Sports Illustrated Best Sports Books of 2017.

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A bunch of reporters eagerly anticipated the arrival of Ripken at the Orioles’ spring training camp in Sarasota, during the month of April 1995. Taking into consideration the ace record that Gehrig held during that time, Ripken’s newly achieved consecutive play streak of 2,130 games was established as one of few positive stories in the history of baseball.

And author John Eisenberg considered it as a chivalrous idea to celebrate Gehrig’s accomplishments along with that of the man who broke that unbreakable record, Cal Ripken Jr; in his latest documentary book: The Streak.

Most of the content in this book alternates between Ripken and Gehrig, exploring into their mental makeups and athletic backgrounds, in an effort to explain their source of inspiration and driving factor.  

The author points out that Ripken, Gehrig and all the others who put together long strings of games, did not play every inning of each game. There have been several recorded instances where an end-around was made by staying in long enough to qualify for a streak continuation or by exiting a game early and also in the form of a token appearance as a pinch-hitter.

In this book, Eisenberg has noted in most of the chapters, the details about the other men, who anthologize impressive achievements and how the media handled this particular news. He wraps up the entire book with ample amount of examples that depict the poor numbers that today’s players make when playing in consecutive games are taken into consideration.

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