Buzzing at the sill

Buzzing at the Sill by Peter van Agtmael

The Guardian review:

“If America increasingly seems like a nation riven beyond repair politically, Peter van Agtmael’s Buzzing at the Sill evokes that ominous sense of disunity in darkly poetic images and impressionistic prose.”

Featured in The Guardian’s Best Photography Books of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.9 out of 5.0

Ranked 3rd in Books

Ranked 1st in Photography

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Buzzing at the Sill narrates like a disquisition on America, that is seen through the impressive lens of Peter’s observations and critiques upon race and class. This book is a concurrent eccentricity followed by strong tones of Jacob Holdt’s American Pictures all throughout the content.

In Buzzing at the Sill, author Peter explores the United States, detailed with his narrative. His writing insinuates to the reasons that made him choose the life of a conflict photographer. It also twists through different tales that form a gossamer reason behind the effect of the wars on the United States.

Overall, these photographs feel like evidence or an elaboration with specific images proving the fact, that the United States is a shattered landscape of diverse classes and cultures.

Looking at the brighter side, the photographs comprise of two different categories: observations condemnations on the culture of wealth, that is less complicated in and sympathetic observations of the circumstances faced by the impoverished non-white Americans. The pictures of the affluent class mostly feature, elegantly-dressed people, carry along with them high chances of receiving hard disapproval of the viewer.

Throughout the contents of this book, you might encounter a deep nexus of cultural diversity—something that can be compared with that checklist of the political demographics which presently make up America.

The book concludes with a final photo and last written sentence, that is way too powerful and can inflict a deep thought in the minds of the reader.

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