Best Digital Cameras for 2019

We have aggregated the recommendations for the best digital cameras from trusted tech experts that have been featured by leading publishers like The Verge, Mashable, Engadget, PCMag and many others.

The digital cameras listed below have a customer review rating of a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars. The ratings you see on our website are aggregated from different sources, so you know you always buy a great digital camera set.

Unlike traditional cameras that require photo rolls, a digital camera captures pictures in digital memory and can be transferred to a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer via wired and/or wireless technology.

The advent of digital cameras has made traditional cameras obsolete. Apart from removing the need of processing the film, digital cameras provide an immense storing space, a wide range of sharing and editing features and enable you to click as many photographs as you want.

Although the arrival of multimedia cellular phones, smartphones, and tablets has affected the popularity of digital cameras, high-definition and high-end digital cameras are still the preferred devices of professionals.

If you’re a professional shutterbug or photography is a serious and passionate hobby for you then a digital camera is a great choice for you. If someone in your family or close friend list is a pro photographer, then a digital camera is an awesome gifting choice for them.

All the cameras listed on our website come with cutting-edge technology to provide greater clarity and take the brilliant quality of photographs. From our site, you have a wide range of cameras from leading brands including Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, among many others to choose from.



What are the different types of digital cameras?

Digital SLR
These cameras instead of making use of films use digital data storage. There are some DSLRs available in the market that is featured with the top monochrome control panel. The dust removal features allow the users to clean the sensor. The presence of different focus areas helps the camera enthusiast to choose from a hub of focus areas thereby improving the quality of their photographs. The focus can be changed manually by rotating the ring. The new DSLR models are adorned with live preview and this acts as bliss for those photographers who are clicking shots from odd angles.

Non- Digital SLR
The non-digital SLRs have lenses in-built in the camera which cannot be removed. This type of camera is commonly called by the term ‘point and shoot camera’. The image quality is better in comparison to DSLR cameras. However, unlike a digital DSLR, a non-digital DSLR is known to handle crisper images. A mirror and prism system helps the photographers to click on the shutter button for capturing crisp snapshots. One can find a mirror in between shutter and lens.

What are the things to be checked before buying a digital camera?

The first thing that one should consider before buying a camera is your purpose. Based on your purpose you can choose the zooming length or focus. Some cameras have auto-pilot feature which eliminates the clicking on manual controls.

Check the lenses
Lenses seem to be an important part of a digital camera. For those who intend to buy mirrorless camera need to give special preference to lenses. The glass, as well as image quality, improve only with the help of good lenses.

Detect features
Before buying a camera it is essential to look at the different features of the camera for making a viable purchase decision. The user should detect whether the memory card supports high-resolution video or not.

Third party supports
It is better to choose systems that are equipped with third-party accessories and so choose a model that offers you features that help photographers to improve lens handling.

How digital camera is different from a traditional one?

The reason for a gradual shift from traditional cameras to digital ones is due to the vibrant features possessed by a digital camera. A digital camera has eliminated the need of photo rolls. Digital cameras are able to capture snaps via digital memory and it can well be transported to your smartphones or laptops. Earlier traditional cameras had low storage space but with the digital cameras, the users can get a scope to click as many photos they like without thinking about storage.

Which is the ideal focal length and aperture for a digital camera?

Focal length is perhaps one of the crucial features that one should pay heed to while purchasing a camera. For obtaining good focus one need to choose a camera that has a focal length of 30-50mm. The maximum aperture of a lens should be F1.8 as it can capture snaps even in lower light.

What is meant by AF-assist lamp and what is its use?

This AF-assist allows a photographer to capture their subject and cast a bright light on it in case he/she is unable to understand the focus distance. If you are shooting indoor then digital cameras with AF-assist is suitable for you.

Can high-resolution cameras offer better prints?

With higher resolution size cameras a photographer can get a liberty to crop the image and surely one will see the difference in print sizes. One can get about 8x10 inch prints with high-resolution digital cameras.


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