Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Console

Engadget review:

“In a vacuum, the PlayStation 4 Slim is a great console. It’s smaller, quieter and much more portable than the original PS4. But unless you need a new console right now and are on a strict budget, there’s no reason to buy it when the higher-powered PS4 Pro is available for $100 more.”

T3 review:

“The PS4 Slim takes everything people loved about the original PlayStation 4 system and makes it better. Sony has played safe with the Slim, but that is no bad thing, as it was a top piece of hardware with an excellent games library to begin with.”

TechRadar review:

“An excellent console with a great catalogue of AAA games, the slimmer, smaller PS4 is better in almost every way compared to the original, barring one notable exception.”

IGN review:

“Overall, the new PlayStation 4 gets the job done but doesn’t offer any significant improvements over its predecessor.”

Digital Trends review:

“The PS4 Slim evens the playing field in one of the few places where the Xbox One had a clear advantage — the original Xbox One already supported 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The decision of what console to buy will ultimately depend on these factors: Which exclusive games do you want to play? Which controller feels better in your hands? What consoles do your friends own?”

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 20th in Gadgets

Ranked 1st in Game Consoles

$ 300

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Console set comes with the PS4 console, micro USB charge cable, HDMI cable, DualShock controller, mono headset, and AC power cord. The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Console features innovative second-screen features, intelligent personalization, connected gaming, deeply integrated social capabilities, powerful graphics and speed and many more.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Console features the Controller button symbols in Gold on its side, and the 1TB hard drive offers ample of space for high-rated games. The console comes with a matching DualShock Controller in Blue Hue.

Using the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Console, users can watch DVD videos and Blu-ray videos and games. Blu-ray games have numerous times the capacity of DVD-based discs. Using PlayStation plus, users can also collaborate with friends and other users over the Internet and watch their favorite videos, TV shows, and movies.

The PS4 includes interesting titles such as God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, STARWARS Battlefront II, NBA 2K18, Call of Duty: WWII, and many more.

Using the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Console, you can share the screenshots and videos of your favorite moments on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Using the console, you can look into your friends’ games as well as their video clips and screenshots.

The console also allows you to stream games to your PlayStation Vita, Mac, or PC via WiFi and play the games from anywhere. You can also view what your fellow gamers are doing, and you can also join communities for your favorite games and create parties with voice chat.

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