Apple Airpods

Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Mashable review:

“Apple AirPods have enough utility, smarts, sound quality and wearability to overcome what some see a potentially awkward design. Don’t worry about how they look — Apple’s AirPods are excellent earphones.”

Alphr review:

“AirPods are meant for people who want to free themselves from a life of tangled wires and a physical tether to their phones. If you have the money to spend and want wireless earphones, these won’t disappoint.”

Pocket Lint review:

“The simplicity of connectivity, automated cross-device use via iCloud, and automatic stop/start controls based on whether one or both AirPods are in your ears is a glimpse into the future of wireless listening. In these regards Apple is setting the benchmark for a wire-free future.”

Engadget review:

“With Apple kissing the standard headphone jack goodbye, it’s hoping people will buy these completely wireless earbuds instead. They’re elegant in some ways, with a simple pairing process and good voice-call quality. It’s too bad that Apple otherwise fell short in the sound department, and that you’re forced to talk to Siri to get just about everything done. Still, while this first attempt missed the mark, the concept has plenty of potential.”

CNET review:

“The ultra-lightweight Apple AirPods are fully wireless headphones that offer a reliable wireless connection, effortless pairing with Apple devices, decent sonics and good call quality. The included compact charging case quickly charges the buds. You can now control playback of your music with a double tap. Look past their offbeat design and you’ll find that Apple AirPods’ compact size and high convenience factor are a winning combination.”

Featured in CNET’s Best Headphones of 2018.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.4 out of 5.0

Ranked 38th in Gadgets

Ranked 3rd in Headphones

$ 159

Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset is a pair of wireless Bluetooth headsets that turns on and connects to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac as soon as they are pulled out of the charging case.

The Apple W1 chip powers the Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset, which use a motion accelerometer and optical sensors to detect when they’re in your ears. The Apple W1 chip routes the audio automatically and engages the microphone. To filter out background noise, the headphone has an additional accelerometer that coordinates with beamforming microphones.

The headset comes with 1 C batteries that can provide a listening time of five hours on a single charge, or a talking time of two hours on a single charge. Only 15 minutes in the case provide a listening time of three hours on a single charge, or a talking time of one hour. The charging case gives a listening time of over 24 hours on a single charge, or a talking time of up to 11 hours. To check the battery of the Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset, put the headset next to the iPhone or you can ask Siri to check the charge in your battery for you.

It offers high clarity, superior sound and great-sounding movies, music and series to your ears. The headset gives high and rich-quality AAC audio. The headset also switches to your Apple devices seamlessly and can be connected to Apple Watch and iPhone all at the same time.

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