Best Smartphones for 2019

We list the best smartphones as chosen by critics from TechRadar, The Verge, PCMag, among others. All smartphones featured on our website have a minimum 4 out of 5-star customer rating.

A smartphone is a necessary gadget that everyone must have, more so in this age of Instagram, WhatsApp, Instant Messenger, and all other social media platforms.

With all things have gone mobile, starting from payments, online transactions, access to news and media, shopping, hailing a cab, even booking tickets, owning a good smartphone has become necessary more than ever before. Without an upgraded smartphone, one is left out and cut off from the rest of the work. Regardless of your occupation and profession, you need a smartphone to stay connected and remain abreast of the latest developments around the world.

To enable you to upgrade to and purchase the latest smartphone, we have prepared a list of some of the latest and best-in-class smartphones that come with a host of features such as instant messaging, email, social media apps and other important everyday applications.

Our smartphone section has all the latest releases of the best smartphones and features leading brands such as Apple, Google Pixel, BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, Sony Xperia, among others. You also get to choose from the wide array of smartphones to best serve the purpose you are purchasing one for be it for faster texting and messaging, playing music, better display, taking the great quality of photographs and videos, just to name a few.



What is the best processor for a smartphone?

A good processor offers faster operation of the applications in your smartphone. You have to find out the main purpose of your buying. In case it is solely for the application based purpose, then a better processor is required to fulfill your objective.
The best way to find out the processor for your phone before you opt for buying one is to go through the reviews of other users. The best processor is highly dependent on the configuration and the operating system of the device. There are three broad categories of processors. They are:
Budget ranged: Snapdragon 420, 425 and 430 come under this category.
High raged: Snapdragon 820, 830, 835 and 845 are under this ambit.
Mid-ranged: Snapdragon 615, 617, 625, 630 and many others are in this category.

What size of smartphone is considered the best buy?

This is an issue considered by most buyers. Since buying a smartphone costs quite a fortune. Therefore it becomes relevant to ask how convenient will it be to buy a heavyweight or a lightweight smartphone. The weight definitely matters owing to the fact that you need to carry it. Generally, the phones that are more than 150 grams are considered quite bulky and thus inconvenient to handle.

What are the optimum megapixels for a good camera?

Nowadays, smartphones offer higher megapixels in every phone as opposed to the previous ones. They are featured with so many features that you do not need to carry a separate camera.
The optimum is considered to be anything above 8 megapixels. Most Smartphones are provided with 16 megapixels though with a quad high definition picture quality (250 x 1440 pixels). The aperture is also important in case you are looking for a better camera featuring phone. Therefore, go for a larger aperture. This makes it easier to shoot in low light as well.

What is the ideal RAM and internal storage for a smartphone?

Smartphones are quite remarkably taking over the desktop and the laptops. Owing to the RAMs and processors they are being incorporated with, it is not far that they will replace the desktops and other similar devices.
While for a smartphone, 1GB RAM is considered enough for an average user. Nevertheless, phones are being launched with even higher RAMS too, such as 2GB and as high as 4GB. The lower threshold is almost getting set at 2GB now.
Secondly, the internal storage capacity of a phone is also gaining importance. Because the huge amount of data is being generated by every user, it becomes imperative that you have a higher amount of space in your phone. 32 GB internal memory is considered adequate, and anything more than that is surely welcome.

What is the best battery life?

Many people have backed away from asking the question nowadays because almost every smartphone has an enhanced battery backup as a comparison with the earlier ones. Nevertheless, the battery backup remains an issue for a few.
The Internet is continuously in use today, and people are always online. Therefore the charge is drained rapidly. 3000 mAH is the optimum battery backup provided by smartphones in standby mode, and 600 mAH is provided for on-screen timing.
Thus, it is important that you assess your usage pattern in order to save battery life. Because most new phones do not offer a replaceable battery too; in those cases, you will have to be satiated with one battery only. Therefore using judiciously can save you drain all the power at once during need.


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