BlackBerry KEY2

BlackBerry KEY2

Gizmodo review:

“While the era of the tactile smartphone keyboard is clearly over, the Key2 makes a great case for why it’s too soon for that feature to completely disappear. If touchscreens have left your frustrated, TCL has provided an able solution.”

CNET review:

“If you rely on an older BlackBerry phone, the BlackBerry Key2 is a worthy upgrade, but it will frustrate people switching from all-touch phones, despite some winning extras.”

Engadget review:

“The BlackBerry KEY2 isn’t the first Android-powered BlackBerry, but it is by far the best. Its blend of style, solid performance, a fantastic physical keyboard and a long-lasting battery more than enough to win over one-time BlackBerry devotees and people who hate typing on touchscreens.”

The Verge review:

“The very thing that makes the Key2 a BlackBerry is the same thing that keeps the Key2 from competing in a modern smartphone world. A BlackBerry needs a keyboard, but no one needs a keyboard on a smartphone in 2018.”

TechRadar review:

“The new BlackBerry Key2 is a phone designed entirely for BlackBerry fans. It’s a contender for a niche audience that doesn’t care about multimedia or fancy new camera tricks like portrait mode.”

Digital Trends review:

“Stellar battery life, a useful keyboard, and simple software with a focus on security. The BlackBerry Key2 is an exceptional phone.”

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.0 out of 5.0

Ranked 108th in Gadgets

Ranked 15th in Smartphones

$ 650

BlackBerry Key2 is an Android smartphone that comes with a QWERTY keyboard and is the successor to BlackBerry KeyOne that was introduced in 2018.

With the Key2, the company has refined the design, the keyboard, and the quality of the keyboard build while also retaining its great privacy and security features as well as its battery life.

The BlackBerry Key2 comes with an attractive 4.5-inch display screen that is made of tough, durable and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. It has a frame of Series 7 aluminum alloy and is given a textured diamond grip non-slip back. The smartphone comes with the latest Speed Key that is intuitive enough to activate shortcuts to apps as well as launch actions from anywhere.

The Key2 comes with a Convenience Key, the key below the power button. The phone comes with three profiles – a Home profile, a Work profile, and a Car profile – for connectivity to your respective locations. Under Home profile, your phone will be connected to your home Wi-Fi, and your Home apps will show up in that Wi-Fi. Under the Work profile, the Key2 will be connected to your work Wi-Fi, and your Work apps will be present in that Wi-Fi. Under the Car profile, the phone will be connected to your car’s Bluetooth, and it will provide you with three apps of your choice like Spotify, Google Maps, among others.

The Key2 has dual cameras on the rear – one with 12 megapixels with a f/2.6 aperture and the other with 12 megapixels with a f/1.8 aperture.

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