Google Home Smart Speaker

Google Home Smart Speaker

CNET review:

“The Google Home accurately answers almost any question you can think to ask it. It’s loaded with cool features that allow it to make calls, control your smart home, help out in the kitchen and more. It even sounds pretty good when playing music and can control your TV. Google Home has caught up, but still doesn’t work with as many smart home gadgets as the Amazon Echo.”

TechRadar review:

“Both wildly intelligent and supremely versatile in the ways in which it can be used, Google Home is evolving quickly compared to the Amazon Echo but it still has to make a few changes to catch up – starting, perhaps, with better integration with Google’s own services. It’s not there yet, but it has real potential to one day be the smart home command center Google wants it to be.”

Digital Trends review:

“It’s come a long way since its debut. It quickly caught up to where the Echo was after a year in terms of smart-home control, and it keeps adding features that go way beyond skills. The Voice Match and calling are both great additions, and now there are a couple new additions to the Home lineup.”

Alphr review:

“Google Home is an essential purchase for anyone who uses even a sliver of Google’s services, and that just happens to be practically everybody.”

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.3 out of 5.0

Ranked 59th in Gadgets

Ranked 8th in Speakers

$ 99

Google Home Max is a wireless speaker that features dual 4.5-inch woofers for balanced and deep bass. The wireless speaker comes with Smart Sound that utilizes machine learning to adjust automatically the equalizer settings to match the acoustics.

The smart speaker is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which enables it to stream Wi-Fi from compatible apps on your laptop or phone as well as play songs from Bluetooth. The wireless speaker works with over 1,000 smart home devices from over 150 brands.

Using Chromecast Audio, you can connect Google Home Max with other speakers and Google Home devices to play your favorite music. Google Home Max provides you hands-free assistance from the Google Assistant, using which you can tell it to do things, ask it questions, and even control smart home devices.

Google Home Max comes with a sensor for orientation and a carefully crafted shape that enables you to place the wireless speaker horizontally or vertically. The wireless speaker is made from acoustically transparent fabric material and is built for the ultimate high fidelity.

The Google Home Smart Speaker comes with rigid exteriors to keep the audio composed and features custom tweeters for crystalclear highs. The speaker can play music from Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more, and gives you more than 35 million songs.

The Google Home Max comes with far-field voice control that can allow it to hear you from any direction even while playing music and noisy environments.

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