Best Tablets for 2019

To determine what the best tablets are, we have aggregated all recommendations from trusted tech experts that have been featured by leading publishers like The Verge, Mashable, Engadget, PCMag and many others.

The tablets listed below have a customer review rating of a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars. The ratings you see on our website are aggregated from different sources, so you know you always buy a great tablet.

Tablet, short for a tablet computer, is a cellular device that normally comes with an LCD touchscreen display, a mobile operating system, and a rechargeable battery in a sleek package. Tablets can perform most tasks such as computers such as reading emails, writing texts, watching videos. However, they lack some of the I/O capacities that others have.

Although tablets bear a close resemblance to smartphones, they are relatively bigger compared to smartphones. The screens of tablets are equal to or larger than seven inches when measured diagonally, and some don’t support access to the cellular network.

Tablets also feature the latest operating systems that give them powerful performance. The tablets also come with great screen clarity and awesome video quality.

In case you are looking for great tablets via the Internet, you are guaranteed to find a wide array of best-rated tablets belonging to renowned and acclaimed brands, available in various models, in our website. Some of the leading brands included on our website are Lenovo, Apple iPad, Amazon Fire, Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei + Harman Kardon MediaPad, among others.



Which software based tablet is the best buy?

Broadly there are three software-based tablet devices like the smartphones; iOS, Android and Windows. Each of them has their unique features with different user interfaces. They look different, and therefore, you need to decide on what you want to avail for yourself, based on your preferences.
In case you have a niche for particular software, then you may stick to that o may go for trying a new one. It might be convenient for you to operate if both your Smartphone and tablet device are configured in the same operating system. This will let you sync the accounts and use the already purchased apps easily.

What storage should I choose?

Similar to mobile phones, tablets also offer a wide range of memory storage. But what is best suited for you is highly dependent on what purpose are you buying it for and what all you intend to store mostly.
So, in case you have a lot of applications and apps to be stored in it then, you should g for more memory; however, if you wish to store movies too, then the even higher range of memory should be availed. 32GB is the ideal memory space for an average user. In case, you are binge watcher; then it is better you shift to Netflix for that, and get a device of 16GB instead. Higher memory goes up at higher prices too. Therefore, shifting will save your pocket too.
Although, you may also get an external card slot to extend the storage spaces for your convenience, and you need to buy it separately in some cases.

Can I connect a printer to my tablet?

You would not find a USB for this purpose in most tablets, though like the PCs or Macs. However, most Android, Windows, and iOS tablets are equipped with printing capabilities with the help of Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can get a Wi-Fi facility in order to connect your tablet device to the printer.
So, the printer needs to be connected to the internet prior to printing your pages directly from the tablet.

What is the optimum size of a tablet?

Typically the sizes of the tablet devices are 7 to 10 inches in size when diagonally measured. Naturally, a tablet with a bigger screen will be comfortable for use as compared to the smaller screens. You are likely to have a great movie watching experience when viewing through the larger screens, but they are a little inconvenient regarding their carriage. Also, larger devices take up more space and are comparatively heavier than the smaller ones.
Therefore, you need to assess the purpose of your buying as well as the usage pattern in order to decide on the size of the tablet you want to buy. If it is for homely use, then go for larger devices and otherwise, in case you need to carry your device daily.

Can I use a keyboard and a mouse with it?

Tablets are more like desktops with a screen (monitor) but with an in build processor. That is why they don’t have a separate CPU. However, they are not as small as a mobile phone, and not as big as a personal computer. Therefore, if you are buying a tablet for such purposes to fulfill your needs of a PC, then you are more likely to encounter inconvenience while typing emails or editing documents. Hence, buying a keyboard and a mouse will be the rescuer. You can connect them with the tablet via USB ports or Bluetooth, and use them freely as they are quite affordable too.


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