Lumo Run

Lumo Run Running Coach for Every Runner

PC Mag review:

“The clip-on Lumo Run tracks runs and coaches you on how to improve, making it a great value for intermediate level runners. Advanced running metrics. Includes audio coaching when used with phone. Clear and specific feedback. Supports treadmill runs.”

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4.0 out of 5.0

Ranked 114th in Gadgets

Ranked 12th in Wearables

$ 64

Lumo Run is a smart wearable app and sensor for iOS devices that provides users with information and coaching with their running form to help them run farther, faster, and minimize the risk of injury.

The Lumo Run is compatible with iPhone 5s and above models with iOS 9.0 or above. Using the Lumo Run, users can leave their iOS device at home and carry only the Lumo Run sensor with them on their run, after that they can upload their data to the app for a complete after-run summary, and the exercises recommended for them.

Users can also run with the Lumo Run sensor and their phone to get an in-run, real-time, and motivational coaching via their headphones for instantaneous feedback and improvement. Users can also get customized recommendations for drills and exercises that are shown in the videos based on the data after each run.

Using the Lumo Run sensor and app after each run, users can view a thorough after-run summary, including analysis of their overall performance and form. They can also monitor their progress and trends by comparing after several runs.

Lumo Run is based on high-tech sports biomechanics research that has revealed new insight into techniques of running and recognizing main characteristics for perfect running form.

The Lumo Run combines the personal touch of a running coach with the power of a running lab into a user-friendly wearable device. The Lumo Run sensor can precisely measure conventional metrics, such as cadence, as well as metrics related to drop and rotation and pelvis.

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