100 Years of Olympic Film

100 Years of Olympic Films The Criterion Collection

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“For sports and film buffs, Criterion Collection’s “100 Years of Olympic Films” is a remarkable compendium of 53 movies and an illustrated book. Spanning 41 Olympic summer and winter games, the set is full of sports history firsts.”

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100 Years of Olympic Films the criterion collection is the result of a 20-year-old effort-filled restoration program, that was initiated to restore and recover all the Olympic films, starting from the first film that was made in Stockholm, which dates back to the year 1912.

The arrangement of this entire documentary is in such a way that it provides the viewers with a variety of viewing options. This means, if you are interested in ski jumps, then you can watch the way the event of ski jumping evolved by going through the 100 years of this sports. And you also get the option to navigate randomly throughout the timeline or just start everything from the beginning.

And as this establishes itself as a collective sports document, it’s also a human document at the same time.

All the films in this set are extremely interesting. They also do vary from each other in various aspects, especially while keeping the work of art as the CenterPoint. The level to which the restoration of these films has been conducted is truly remarkable.  Leni Riefenstahl’s 1936 film, Olympia, that’s based on the Berlin Olympics has been completely restored from the beginning. It is considered one of the greatest Olympic films ever made, especially due to the drifting presence of Adolf Hitler.

There are other humdingers also, such as the 1972 film: Visions of Eight that includes eight different films from eight individual film makers.

All in all, 100 Years of Olympic Films definitely raises the bar for all the documentary sports films that have been made to date and also for the ones that are yet to be made.

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