Keeping On Alan Bennett

Keeping On Keeping On by Alan Bennett

New York Times review:

“Never pass up a chance to spend time in the quietly teeming mind of the playwright Alan Bennett, the master portraitist of genteel British perversity – the omnibus volume ‘Keeping On Keeping On’ offers a high-tea buffet of recent diaries and essays.”

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Keeping On Keeping On by Alan Bennett is the third prose collection by Alan Bennett that comprises the writer’s diaries covering from 2005 to 2015 that mirrors on a ten-year-old that witnessed four openings at the National Theatre (‘People’, ‘The Habit of Art’, ‘Hymn’, and ‘Cocktail Sticks’), ‘The Lady in the Van’, and the films of ‘The History Boys’ and a West End double-bill transfer.

Alan Bennett is a Tony Award-winning English writer and playwright. The author’s maiden stage play ‘Forty Years On’ was produced in 1968. After that, he wrote many short stories, screenplays, novellas, non-fictional prose and broadcasting. His play ‘The History Boys’ was awarded several prestigious awards including the Critics’ Circle, Evening Standard, Olivier and the South Bank Award awards for Best Play. His prose collection ‘Writing Home’ was a bestseller and his ‘Untold Stories’ was awarded the PEN/Ackerley Prize for autobiography in 2006.

The book contains a challenging discourse on private education provided before the Cambridge’s King’s College Chapel and ‘Baffled at a Bookcase’ and presents an ardent defense of the public library. The collection comprises ‘Denmark Hill’, a bleak comic radio play based in south London as well as the author’s musings on collaboration with Nicholas Hytner.

As per the inimitable Alan Bennett, the book is an unforgettable, funny, sharp, humane, engaging record of life.

With his trademark wit, honesty, insight, and the anger against fakery and injustice, the author that provides this collection the similar intensity as ‘Untold Stories’ and ‘Writing Home’.

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