Bevel Shave System

Bevel Shave System Starter Kit

New York Times review:

“Razor bumps can be persistent, but the Bevel 30 Day Starter Kit breaks the cycle. The blade cuts hair on the surface instead of underneath the skin, preventing ingrown hairs. For the guy with skin issues, this gift is a game-changer.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.0 out of 5.0

Ranked 248th in Gifts

Ranked 23rd in Beauty

Ranked 95th in Men

$ 69

Tristan Walker, who is the charismatic CEO and founder of Walker & Company, decided to launch a flagship brand aimed at consumers who are prone to hideous razor bumps and skin irritation. And the result was: Bevel.

The Bevel Shave system comprises of a six-piece starter kit that includes: the safety razor, a bottle of priming oil, a pure-grade shaving brush, blades, shave cream tube and restoring balm.

The safety razor is made up of a robust and heavy piece of metal, which incorporates a rectangular head design along with a smooth handle below it. The cap carries the Bevel emblem, thereby making this the most desirable grooming tool. The Priming oil is the next start component of the kit, that is specially formulated to hydrate the skin, make the hair soft and induce a lubricated, smooth surface so that the blade can facilely make its way across the skin without any kind of friction that might result in skin-inflammation.

The Shaving cream is also designed for similar functionality, which is, to moisturize the skin, lift up hairs and finally, create an ample amount of lather barrier between the blade and your face. This helps to substantiate improvised protection for your skin.

This shaving cream has to be applied on the badger Shaving brush that helps to create more lather out of the cream and thereby lift hairs away from the skin by exfoliating it in the most gentle way possible. Needless to say, the blade and the restoring balm concludes the entire process of shaving in the most luxurious manner.

In short, the Bevel shaving system is a magnificent kit with a safety razor, that suits the likes of people who have never used one before.

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