Espro P3 Coffee Press

Espro P3 French Press Coffee Maker

New York Times review:

“The Espro P3 has an extra-fine filter that traps grit better than any of the five other presses we tested.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.7 out of 5.0

Ranked 35th in Gifts

Ranked 8th in Food & Drinks

Ranked 4th in Home

Ranked 16th in Women

$ 65

Espro P3 French Press Coffee Maker is a tea and coffee making machine that is engineered and designed ingeniously to make tea and coffee.

The P3 French Press coffee maker comes with an Espro Press P3 Glass French Press Coffee Maker, 25-unit starter-pack of paper-filters, a coffee filter with double-microfilters, and 8.5 inches long, handcrafted coffee paddle.

The high-quality Espro P3 comes with a durable and thick Schott-Duran glass that adds safety to the coffee making machine. The thickness of the carafe is 40 percent more than a conventional glass of a French Press Coffeemaker.

With the heavy glass carafe, your coffee will stay hot for a long time. The P3 enables you to enjoy high-quality Espro coffee economically.

The Espro gives three filter options for making coffee by which a connoisseur can select the standard double French coffee press filter, tea filter, or the original paper filter. You can make drip-style coffee utilizing paper filters, cold brew, and classic French press coffee.

The two microfilters of the coffee maker have reduced drastically on the coffee deposit that lies in your hot drink. These mesh filters attach with together safely and are made of super-fine mesh. The principal difference between P3 and several models is that the is the plastic cage that encompasses glass carafe.

The handmade bamboo coffee paddle is short enough not to crack or scratch your French Press, Chemex, Hario Syphon, Espro Coffee Maker, to name a few.

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