Food Fortunes

Food Fortunes Cards by Josh Lafayette

New York Times review:

“Based on traditional tarot decks, Food Fortunes is a well-illustrated set that features a different food on each card, so players can let the spirit world put together a meal – for real or just for fun.”

Featured in New York Times’ Gift Guide.

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4.5 out of 5.0

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Food Fortunes Cards by Josh Lafayette is a lighthearted take on tarot cards and soothsaying that is mainly focused on deciphering the question “what’s for dinner tonight?” Players need to lay their cards out three at a time, and a meal will appear. This food prediction game can be played with hungry friends or alone to give raging appetite a push in the right direction.

Food Fortunes Cards comprise a deck of 78 food-themed tarot-like cards that are divided into Sides, Mains, Trumps, Desserts, Beverages, to make it easier for players to plan a full-course meal.

The Food Fortunes Cards are extremely artistic, and the style resembles the look of authentic tarot cards. The humor and wit infused into the cards make it a delightful game. The cards come with downloadable instructions at the bottom of Chronicle Books’ Food Fortunes Cards page. Playing the card games is very straightforward, and it can even help players to find a solution to their dilemma with their food choices and help them to get the messages from the universe what they should cook and eat for their meals.

The Food Fortunes Cards are the creations of Josh Lafayette, a commercial artist who resides and works in Boston, Massachusetts. His work comprises mostly food, letters, and quirky things and he has worked with American Greetings, Atlantic Records, Harvard University, New Balance, Nike, and Oscar Mayer. Josh uses his experience and mystical knowledge to assist others in indulging in two of his passions – eating and laughing.

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