Formaticum Cheese Paper

Formaticum Cheese Storage Paper

LA Times review:

“Formaticum invented the perfect gift for your favorite cheesehead: rolls of coated paper that protects your wedges of Montgomery’s Cheddar or disks of Epoisses way better than plastic. Proper storage can protect your cheeses and extend their lifespan.”

Featured in Los Angeles Times’ Best Gifts of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 65th in Gifts

Ranked 14th in Food & Drinks

Ranked 26th in Women

$ 40

The most catchy part about cheese is to preserve it afresh in the refrigerator. Cheese is living and making it taste at its best; it’s mandatory for it to stay alive. But the problem with customary food storage mediums is their highly non-pervious nature that stifles and kill the cheese, making it taste and smell like ammonia.

A secondary excrescence on the exposed surfaces can make things even worse.

And it’s not only the suffocation part that is a matter of concern. At times, when a poorly stored cheese dries out, the surface collects and crystallizes all the salt content, leaving the butterfat to separate out and makes the water condense on the surface itself.

Unlike the regular cheese storage papers that fail to regulate humidity or allow oxygen exchange, Formaticum cheese storage papers carry out this job with perfection. The paper accentuates a wax-coating on the outside, which helps in an active exchange of oxygen along with averting the moisture from escaping the cheese body. There is a thin layer of porous plastic on the inside that helps in absorbing any kind of condensation that builds up on the surface.  

So the next time you are planning to store your cheese In the most preservative manner, Formaticum Cheese Storage Paper is always the best option to keep your cheese delicious and fresh by allowing oxygen to flow freely in through your stack of cheese.

Use the same professional material as the finest cheese purveyors to wrap and store your cheese. Our Cheese Storage Paper is manufactured in France and designed specifically to wrap and store cheese.

Our two-ply cheese storage paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity preventing the cheese from drying out. Formaticum cheese storage paper keeps your cheese tasting fresher, longer. Makes excellent gifts for everyone who eats cheese.

— Buy more and pay a lower price per package.
— Two-ply cheese paper simulates cave environment where cheese is traditionally aged. Allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity.
— Keeps cheese tasting fresher longer.
— Made in France.
— This set contains five packages of 15 sheets of 11″x14″ Cheese Storage Paper and 15 adhesive labels (75 sheets and 75 labels)

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