Frywall Spatter Protection

Frywall 12″ Ultimate Splatter Protection

LA Times review:

“For the home cook who loves to fry but hates a mess, there’s the Frywall. It’s a silicone cone that creates a barrier around whatever you’re frying. So your recipients can go nuts.”

Featured in Los Angeles Times’ Best Gifts of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.2 out of 5.0

Ranked 195th in Gifts

Ranked 34th in Food & Drinks

Ranked 93rd in Women

$ 29

The Frywall 12’’ Ultimate Splatter Protection is the ultimate protection against splatter and spillover for large frying pans.

PERFECT FOR ANY 12’’ PANS: The product is designed to be a perfect fit for any 12’’ pans. Before ordering, make sure that your pan diameter is at least 11.5’’ as the product will not fir pans with end-to-end diameters not touching 11.5’’. The product is incompatible with downdraft stoves.

PROTECTS WHILE FLIPPING OR STIRRING FOOD: The Frywall 12’’ protects your stovetop even while flipping or stirring the food and never drops its guard.

UNINTERRUPTED PROTECTION COMBINED WITH COMPLETE ACCESS TO COOKING SURFACE: The Frywall 12’’ is the first-of-its-kind splatter guard that not only provides no-compromise protection but provides complete access to the cooking surface, thereby rendering all the advantages of an open pan bereft of the mess.

PREVENTS CONDENSATION AND OIL MIST: Unlike another ordinary splatter screen, the Frywall 12’’ blocks oil vapors but allows steam escape. This reduces sauces quickly, eliminates the condensation splatter and enables your meat to sear without getting mushy.

PREVENTS SPILLOVER: The product prevents spillovers while sautéing green leafy vegetables in overfilled pan.

CLEAN AND SAFE: The product is manufactured of Bisphenol A-free, US Food and Drug Administration-approved silicone that can easily endure sustained temperatures of up to 450°F (232°C). It is safe to be used in the upper and lower rack of the dishwasher and can be cleaned easily.

COMPACT STORAGE SLEEVE: For compact storage, it rolls into pint-sized sleeve after use.

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