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Northern Brewer Homebrew 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit

New York Times review:

“This Brew Share Enjoy kit has everything a novice needs to begin brewing right out of the box, and it costs less than other kits.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.7 out of 5.0

Ranked 44th in Gifts

Ranked 10th in Food & Drinks

Ranked 14th in Men

$ 110

Northern Brewer Homebrew 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit is an all-in-one kit that consists of all the necessary implements for brewing beer. The kit comes with a 5-gallon stainless brew kettle, 6.5-gallon fermentor with lid and bubbler airlock, fermenter’s favorite bottle filler, 5 ft. Siphon tubing and siphon tube holder, 21” stainless spoon auto siphon, bottling bucket w/spigot assembly, Block Party Amber Ale extract recipe kit, Chinook IPA extracts recipe kit, Royal Crown bottle capper and caps (60ct.), bottle brush, Fermenter Favorites oxygen wash, and cleaner/sanitizer.

The recipe kit comes in two variants – Block Party Amber Ale and Chinook IPA – both priced at $109.98. Block Party Amber Ale’s deep crimson glow accompanies flavors of caramel, toasty bread crust, herbal and floral hop character. Chinook IPA has a reddish-gold color and a resinous, intense and thick Chinook aroma and flavor.

The dimensions of the Northern Brewer Homebrew Beer Brewing Starter Kit are 14 inches x 23 inches x 23 inches and weighs 21.6 pounds.

The Northern Brewer Homebrew Beer Brewing Starter Kit can make five gallons of quality homebrew craft beer. The brew kit is designed by the company’s brewmasters with an aim to provide a great homebrew experience in the market.

The homebrew kit is highly recommended by homebrewers, for craft-beer enthusiast and learners. The homebrew kit is ideal for starters and comes with a wide range of over one hundred of five-star beer recipe kits with foolproof instructions.

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