Private Preserve Wine Preserver

Private Preserve True 1026 Wine Preserver

New York Times review:

“A few spritzes of Private Preserve blankets your wine in inert gas, protecting it from flavor-killing oxygen.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

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4.3 out of 5.0

Ranked 175th in Gifts

Ranked 29th in Food & Drinks

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Private Preserve True 1026 Wine Preserver is an essential wine accessory that can be used as a wine preserver at home or in a restaurant the very similar way wine is preserved in wineries. Private Preserve True 1026 Wine Preserver is suitable for the preservation of old Cognac, single batch bourbons, single malts, sherry, port, ultra-fine tequila, sake, kinds of vinegar and fine cooking oils.

The wine preserver replaces the air that leaks into an open bottle with a mixture of argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to keep the wine fresh. The mixture of argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide is different from the fresh air as it does not contain oxygen and other impurities, however, it is same as the air we inhale and is safe for food.

By using Private Preserve, you can save your wine for a longer period of time by putting the tip of the extension tube in the bottle’s neck against the glass and spraying four short and one long burst into the wine bottle.

The tube in the wine preserver is included to guarantee the best possible protection, and you need to use it each time after pouring a glass of wine while intending to save the remaining wine for the later part. After pouring from the wine preserver, you need to recork the bottle immediately and store upright to maintain the protective layer of the preserving gas on top of the wine’s surface.

The wine preserver is available in four variants – Set of one, Set of two, Set of three, and Set of four.

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