Jackery Bolt

Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger

New York Times review:

“The compact Jackery Bolt is my favorite power bank for everyday use. The built-in micro-USB and Lightning cables can charge most devices but disappear into the sides when not in use.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.3 out of 5.0

Ranked 163rd in Gifts

Ranked 34th in Gadgets

Ranked 61st in Men

Ranked 23rd in Travel

$ 30

The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger is an efficient power bank for daily use that comes with Lighting cables; four LED indicators and an in-built micro-USB efficient to charge most devices.

The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger is Apple MFi certified and is tailor-made for iPhone. The in-built micro-USB cable allows in superfast charging (twice as fast as original iPhone charger) for all iPhones.

The box consists of one Jackery Bolt 6000mAh portable charger, an in-built micro-USB charging cable, 24-month product warranty card, a thank you card, a user guide and 24×7 friendly customer service contact number.

The battery system management safeguards the portable charger and your iPhone from overvoltage, over-current, overcharging and over-temperature. The device comes with a premium Aluminum shell that helps in safe, more dependable fast radiating. The device has the best battery backup and can retain a charge for up to several hours after fully charged.

With a size of 4.3in x 1.9in x 0.9in and a weight of 5.3 oz, the Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger is a compact power bank that can be easily carried in your pocket, but the most powerful charger that fully charges an iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus up to one and a half time faster in just two hours and iPhone 6/7/8 up to two times faster in just 1.5 hours.

The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger comes in two color variants – Black and Orange – and comes with a warranty period of two years.

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