Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage E-reader 6″ High-Resolution Display

New York Times review:

“The Kindle Voyage is lighter and thinner than other models and is equipped with an auto-dimming display, plus convenient page-turn buttons along the edges of the screen.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.2 out of 5.0

Ranked 201st in Gifts

Ranked 41st in Gadgets

Ranked 71st in Men

Ranked 32nd in Travel

Ranked 99th in Women

$ 200

Kindle Voyage E-reader 6″ High-Resolution Display is an e-reader that features a high-resolution 300 PPI display for laser quality and crisp text. The glass screen is micro-etched and is designed to prevent glare and gives a papery touch feeling.

The e-reader can help readers to read in total darkness as well as bright sunlight and is equipped with the sensors to know the difference. The e-reader is fitted with an adaptive front light that senses the ambient light and changes the setting to the perfect brightness.

PagePress enables you to turn the page without any hassle. To turn the page, you just have to apply pressure on the bezel and PagePress will give a silent response for immediate and consistent feedback. The e-reader has a thickness of just 7.6mm and lightweight compared to a paperback that can enable one to hold the e-reader device in one hand for a long time.

By using the Kindle Voyage E-reader 6″ High-Resolution Display you can export notes and highlights from a book to your email so that you can see they are always available on-hand for reference.

Kindle has a huge advantage over tablets and phones as it doesn’t distract you with text messages, emails, and social media during your reading session. By using the Kindle e-reader, you can have access to millions of newspapers, books, magazines, singles, and more.

The e-reader’s battery runs for weeks on a single charge, and it has Wi-Fi and free cellular connectivity.

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