Wolf Cub Watch Winder

WOLF Cub Watch Winder

Esquire review:

“If dad has a lot of watches to his name, get him a winder that ensures they’ll keep running on time—no trip to the jeweler needed.”

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4.1 out of 5.0

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$ 165

WOLF Cub Watch Winder is a travel-ready, user-friendly and simple watch winder that comes with beautiful design, pre-programmed settings, and intuitive controls. The WOLF Cub Watch Winder features an all-wood frame with faux leather exterior accented with dazzling chrome and pitch black shades.

The WOLF Cub Watch Winder is a modular unit and can be combined with other devices to make a bigger unit and a great display for your collection. The watch winder comes with additional features such as pre-programmed sleep phases and intermittent rotation with a pause.

It also features silent rotation programs, nylon gears, and a lock-in cuff developed to handle heavier and bigger watches.

The WOLF Cub Watch Winder showcases original design and the most suitable approach to maintain the best accuracy of all mechanical watches. The patented technology of the watch winder enables it to calculate and record the number of rotations at the time of use. Unlike other watch winders that guess the number of rotations made by the watches, each of the watch winder takes precise count of the number of rotations of watches.

The WOLF Cub Watch Winder provides an innovative way to wind your automatic watches and keep it accurate and protected for years to come. The watch winder also promises a watch and timepiece connoisseur to begin their collection and include more watch winders to their collection going forward.

The WOLF Cub Watch Winder comes with two power options – it can run on two AA batteries as well as it can run on electricity with a 110-240V AC Universal Power adapter.

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