Jonathan Adler Coaster Set

Jonathan Adler Women’s Marseilles Coasters

Harpers Bazaar review:

“Art-infused coasters are a no-fail gift idea to liven up anyone’s home.”

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.2 out of 5.0

Ranked 200th in Gifts

Ranked 38th in Home

Ranked 98th in Women

$ 63

Jonathan Adler Women’s Marseilles Coasters is a four-set coaster and every single piece of the coaster has a metallic and matte detailing with whimsical faces of women. The turned-up ends of the coasters assist in avoiding spills.

The beautiful pieces of Jonathan Adler Women’s Marseilles Coasters are accented by handcrafted gold and are given naturally textured edge finish. The Marseilles Coasters are intricately manufactured from high-fired white porcelain.

The Jonathan Adler Women’s Marseilles Coasters are given black and gold play design on French ’50 faces. The beautiful pieces of Marseilles Coasters are bordered in 16-carat gold detail that takes the coasters to a new level.

The beautiful, exquisite and exotic-looking coasters add shine to a cocktail party when they are kept beneath skillfully mixed drinks.

The Jonathan Adler Women’s Marseilles coasters come in exceptional and unique designs, making it a perfect gift for your friends and family members. You can also use the coasters at your home to add a brilliant touch to your party play the part of the perfect host.

The coasters have a diameter of 4 inches and are large enough to be kept beneath the largest and thickest cocktail glass. The set of four coasters is packaged in an attractive box that features a stylish, chic geometric pattern with gold detailing.

The Adler Women’s Marseilles Coasters have turned-up ends to avoid spillage of drinks. The bottom of the Marseilles Coasters is like porcelain plates with ‘Jonathan Adler’ printed on to it.

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