Uuni Pizza Oven

Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

The Guardian review:

“For the pizza lover who has everything: their very own woodfired outdoor pizza oven.”

Featured in The Guardian’s Best Gifts of 2017.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.4 out of 5.0

Ranked 154th in Gifts

Ranked 23rd in Food & Drinks

Ranked 29th in Home

Ranked 58th in Men

Ranked 75th in Women

$ 299

The Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven is an oven that operates on inexpensive and energy-dense wood pellets. It is a patent-pending oven box comes with Uuni 3 pizza oven, pizza peel, cordierite stone baking board, wood pellet burner and manual and safety instructions.

Apart from being used as a pizza oven, the Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven can also be used as a conventional oven to roast meat, vegetables, fish, seafood.


Size: height 8.6” x width 14.1” x length 25.2” or height 22 cm x width 6 cm x length 64 cm

Weight: 13.4 kg / 29.5 lbs. boxed.

Stone Baking Board Size: 13.2 x 13.2″ or 33.7 x 33.7 cm

Power: Approximately 6 kWh

Maximum Clearance: 4.3″ (110mm)

Fuel: wood pellets.

Materials: 430 stainless steel, cordierite stone baking board, FSC certified wooden handles and stainless steel rivets.

Uuni 3 is compatible with the upcoming  Gas Burner.


Materials Used: Made of 430 stainless steel, ceramic fiber insulated

Heats up Fast: Heats up to 930ºF (500ºC) in only ten minutes

Cooking surface: 337 by 337mm (13.2″ by 13.2″)

Versatile: From 13″ pizzas to vegetables, meat, and seafood the oven cooks everything.

Eco-friendly: The oven runs on sustainably sourced energy-efficient wood pellets.

Portable: At just 13.4 kg, it is one of the lightest pizza ovens around and can be taken anywhere in a midsized vehicle.

Fuel: The oven runs on 100% hardwood pellets

Stone-baked: The oven comes with a durable, high-temperature withstanding, custom-made cordierite stone baking board

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