Corolle Babydoll

Corolle Mon Bebe Classique Babydoll

Washington Post review:

“This 14-inch doll, dressed in a blue romper and coordinating hat, is a perfect choice for preschoolers who enjoy pretend play. The soft-bodied doll has a vinyl head, arms and legs.”

Featured in The Washington Post’s 2017 Best Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.8 out of 5.0

Ranked 9th in Gifts

Ranked 1st in Kids

Ranked 4th in Toys & Games

$ 82

The Corolle Mon Bebe Classique Babydoll is a 14-inch Corolle soft-bodied baby doll with a soft body, sleeping eyes, and a pacifier. At 14 inches, the doll is perfect for small children’s arms to hug and cuddle.

This doll is made for those children who are fond of little children and can nurse it, sing a lullaby to it, and take care of it just like a mother tending to a baby.

The Corolle Mon Bebe Classique Babydoll can be dressed with Mon Classique Corolle’s range of fashion, entire clothing line, and accessories.


Product Dimensions: 7.1 inches x 11.8 inches x 14 inches

Weight: The doll weighs 1.17 pounds

Materials used in the doll: Soft vinyl


Soft and scented: The doll is manufactured from soft vinyl and is scented with vanilla fragrance. It is dressed in pajamas and sports a headband (or a matching cap) on the head and holds a pacifier.

Sleepy eyes: The eyes of the doll close when it is laid down resembling a real baby going for a short nap or a shuteye.

Can be dressed in other clothing and accessories: The doll can be dressed in other clothing for 14-inch children and can be adorned with accessories for small children. These are sold separately.

The durability of clothing materials: The pajamas, headband, and cap are durable, soft, well made, easy on/off and can be easily washed. However, special care is required to be taken for washing the clothing of the doll. They are not suitable for machine wash and have to be washed with hand with care.

Suitable for children above three years.

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