Thomas Friends Super Station

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super Station

Washington Post review:

“Several children will have no trouble playing together with this set, which features more than 35 feet of track that can be configured in several ways. The set comes with four engines, but most other Thomas trains fit on the tracks.”

Featured in The Washington Post’s 2017 Best Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 64th in Gifts

Ranked 22nd in Kids

Ranked 21st in Toys & Games

$ 88

The Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super Station is a multi-track, high-end toy train set with three levels of play including Percy, Thomas, Harold and James.

The set has TrackMaster, Thomas & Friends Adventures, Wooden Railway and MINIS engines all in the same set.

The train set can help to build the cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills of children from three years to seven years.

What’s inside the box: The set comes with TrackMaster, Adventures Percy, MINIS James, Thomas & Friends, and Wooden Railway. Additional engines are sold separately.


Product Dimensions: 52 inches x 45 inches x 36 inches

Item Weight: 8 pounds

Multiple configurations of layouts

Holds over 100 engines

More than 35 feet (10 meters) of track


Can be easily fitted: The multiple configurations of the train set and legs removal mechanism of the layouts enable children to easily fit it in any space.

Provides a wide range of play options: The train set holds numerous engines, features more than 35 feet (10 meters) of tracks, and features iconic locations including Blue Mountain Quarry, the Dieselworks, Knapford Station, Brendam Docks, Tidmouth Sheds, SSRC with Harold’s helipad and the Sodor Steamworks.

Comes with a host of fitments and pieces: The set comes two racetracks, floor play, adapter pieces to link with other playsets.

Adjustable hook: The train set is provided with working hook that can be easily lowered or raised.

Tunnels and cargo storage: The locations and legs features tunnels and spaces are provided for cargo storage.

CHOKING HAZARD WARNING: The train set contains small parts that are not suitable for children under three years.

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