Valtech Magna Tiles

Valtech Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set

New York Times review:

“Magna-Tiles — simple plastic shapes that click together with internal magnets — are a free-form building toy that can be enjoyed by everyone. They’re baby-friendly (no choking hazards) and easy to clean up.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.8 out of 5.0

Ranked 27th in Gifts

Ranked 9th in Kids

Ranked 11th in Toys & Games

$ 50

The Valtech Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set is a set of 3D magnetic building tiles by Valtech since 1997. Each tile is provided with magnets at its edges, and they have an exceptional ability to attract even when they are flipped, connecting always. Children playing Magna-Tiles build up fine motor skills because they begin by stacking, creating 3D shapes and flat patterns and as the time progresses make complex Magna-Tiles creations.

Brightly colored and opaque, Magna-Tiles Solid Colors has two colors per tile for each shape. The Magna-Tiles Solid Colors have dimensions of 16 inches x 13 inches x 8.5 inches and weigh 2 pounds. All styles and sets are compatible with each other.

Some features of Magna-Tiles are that it can be connected for a longtime of open-ended play. With Magna-Tiles, you can make pyramids, cubes, and several other geometrical shapes and patterns, you can imagine in 3D. By using the Magna-Tiles, one can build up science, math, tactile and spatial skills, create a cube and hide something in it, turn the shape over for a new color, and make unique designs and patterns such as Magna-Tiles Solid Colors Soccer Ball, Magna-Tiles Solid Colors rocket, Magna-Tiles mountains, Magna-Tiles ice cream cone, and Magna-Tiles Message.

The manufacturer’s recommended age for playing the Magna Tiles set Solid Colors, Magnetic Construction Tiles is 3 years to 10 years and comes with a Choking Hazard for its tiny parts and magnets.

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