Tile Style

Tile Style: Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder.

New York Times review:

“Tile are louder and easier to hear compared with other trackers, and they stay paired to a phone at longer distances.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

The Guardian review:

“Bluetooth tracker for someone who is forever losing their keys/phone/wallet.”

Featured in The Guardian’s Best Gifts of 2017.

LA Times review:

“The Tile tracker attaches to a purse, wallet or other valuables and alerts users of its location via sound or Bluetooth app. The new series features twice the range and volume of its predecessor.”

Featured in Los Angeles Times’ Best Gifts of 2017.

GQ review:

“Tiles have been a great stocking stuffer for a few years now: slide one on a keychain, and losing it just became way harder. You use an app to activate the Tile, which rings loudly as you try and echo-locate it like a bat to find where you managed to put your keys.”

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.0 out of 5.0

Ranked 272nd in Gifts

Ranked 105th in Men

Ranked 48th in Outdoor

Ranked 44th in Travel

Ranked 138th in Women

$ 20

Never misplace what matters to you the most, with the latest Tile style finder, which comes in two different types of exteriors particularly designed to fit your taste.  Tile Style helps to dredge up your things with ease and comfort. Attributing a volume too loud to be not found and a fantastic range of up to 200 feet, it’s the most powerful Bluetooth tracker in the market.

When you purchase tile style, you are ascertained to access the following features:

Find your phone: Your phone will start to ring at its loudest (even on silent mode), once the button on your Tile Style has been double tapped.

See it on a map: The Tile app displays the exact location of your device that is tagged to your tile style.

Your very own search party: With the Tile community ( the world’s largest lost and found community) brimming with a vast number of users, you can create your own search party, that will help you locate your misplaced item in all the possible ways. 

Ready for anything: Life is definitely unexpected and to sail in the waves of uncertainty, you have your tile style rigidly built as resilient and waterproof.

With an advanced inbuilt proximity meter, it becomes fast and easy for you to realize your contiguity as you approach your lost item; all thanks to the variety of ringtones that tile style offers to help you optimize your search.

In short, Tile is the fastest luggage tracker, key finder, bike locator or wallet finder which gives you the feeling that keeping track of your things is definitely a debonair task.

Buy now $ 20