Eagle Creek Cube Set

Eagle Creek Pack It Cube 3pc Set

New York Times review:

“Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Original cubes are simply better constructed, easier to pack and nicer looking than any of the other packing cubes I’ve tried.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Ranked 61st in Gifts

Ranked 24th in Men

Ranked 13th in Outdoor

Ranked 7th in Stocking Fillers

Ranked 10th in Travel

$ 22

The all-new Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube 3pc Set lets you organize your travel accessories and clothing inside your travel bag with its colorful set of three packing cubes. The rectangularly shaped cubes offer you the gateway to carry around a neat and uncluttered suitcase. You also get the option of a compression zip that runs around each cube. This can be bought into use when there arises a need to consolidate an excessive volume. 

Overall contents of the set include three different sized Cubes: the big one for a neat and compressed packing of your clothes, the medium one for organizing the accessories and the smallest one for the expected TSA security checks.

And the edifice that forms the body of Eagle Creek is an extremely durable rip-stop poly micro-weave fabric, which always guarantees that one puncture doesn’t become the reason for the entire thread to tear throughout. Each cube also consists of a mesh-lined panel, that aids in providing proper ventilation for the luggage item and at the same time, making it easy to see through the contents.

This three-piece set is the ideal solution for an organized packing as it allows to compress an excessive amount of luggage in comparatively lower space. This gives you the freedom to arrive at your destination, with a wrinkle-free luggage content.

Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Original Cubes help you stay tidy and organized by making use of each and every square inch of packing space that’s available.

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