Weatherbeeta Parka

Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D

New York Times review:

“The Weatherbeeta parks is highly adjustable to fit a wide variety of breeds and stays firmly in place thanks to loops that go around the dog’s rear legs.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.5 out of 5.0

Ranked 121st in Gifts

Ranked 22nd in Outdoor

Ranked 1st in Pets

$ 40

Does the thought of taking your dog out for a walk during rain, dark, gloomy weather makes you uncomfortable? If that is so, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore, because Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D is the solution to the problem.

Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D is a rain-proof, warm and reflective dog coat that is suitable for walking your dog in cold, wet, gloomy and dark weather as the coat comes with vibrantly bright color as well as reflective stripes for added safety.

The Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D is made up of 300 Denier outer fabric that is breathable, waterproof and offers greater visibility in the dark. The rain- and waterproof outer cover is made up of 220 g of Polyfill. The Polyfill also comes with touch tape closures to provide a complete wrap in the chest and belly. The touch tape closures are easily adjustable and easy to use. The product also comes with a large collar for additional protection.

You will just need to measure your dog from the collar base to the tail base to ascertain the correct coat size. The measurement in inches matches up to the coat size of your dog that is sized in two-inch increments.

In case your dog measures between sizes, then size your dog up if it is on the thicker or rounder side, and size down if it is in the thinner or leaner side.

The Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D is available in eleven sizes – 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, 55cm/22 inches, Small, X-Large.

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