Codenames by Czech Games

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“If you like noodling over different word meanings and interpreting clues, you’ll love this simple word game. Perfect for a word-loving group of friends!”

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4.8 out of 5.0

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Codenames by Czech Games is a social word game that comes with a simple premise and testing gameplay. This game involves two opposing spymasters who know the undercover identities of 25 spies and their teammates know the spies just by their codenames. The teams vie to contact with all of their agents and the one who successfully contacts with all the spies win.

In this game, spymasters provide one-word clues that can indicate numerous words on the table. Teammates attempt to guess words of their respective color while trying to avoid that belong to the rival team. Everyone in the game tries to bypass the assassin.

The Codenames has the following components agent 16 cards in two colors, seven innocent bystander cards, 40 key cards, one double agent card, one assassin card, one rulebook. The Codenames is a creation of Czech Games.

The game works excellently with four players in case participants would like to guess without any assistance. More than four players can be included in the players would like to have an animated discussion. The game can enhance deduction, words association, and team play.

The Codenames game consists of 265 cards, card stand, rulebook, and timer. The game is designed to be played by at least two players, and the players can be increased to a total number of eight players. The game offers a playing time of 15 minutes, and it can be played by players aged more than 14 years of age.

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