Decrypto Board Game

Decrypto Board Game by IELLO

New York Times review:

“Decrypto is an addictive game of intrigue and scrambled communication. Your mission: transmit secret codes to your teammates that they can understand, while keeping it vague enough to confuse your opponents. You’ll want to play over and over!”

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Decrypto Board Game by IELLO is a game in which the main objective of the players is to transmit codes to their team members without allowing the rival team intercepts them. For this, the communication of the team members needs to be clear enough for their team to comprehend the message, but convoluted enough to confuse the rival team.

The Decrypto Board Game by IELLO consists of 1 rulebook, one sand timer, two screens, four interception tokens, four miscommunication tokens, 48 code cards, 50 note sheets, and 110 Keyword cards. The game is designed to be played by at least three players, and the players can be increased to a total number of eight players. The game offers a playing time of 30 minutes, and it can be played by players aged more than 12 years of age.

Every team is provided with their own screen in which they tuck four cards in pockets numbered 1 to 4, allowing every member in the same team to view the words of the cards and concealing the words from the rival team. In the initial round, one team member takes a code card that displays three of the digits from 1 to 4 in some order, for example, 1-3-4, the team then provides a coded message that their team members need to understand the message to guess the code.

In the second round, a team member from each team needs to provide a clue about their words to match a numbered code. After which, the opposing team then tries to guess the numbered code. In case they are right, they are awarded a white mark, if not they receive a black mark.

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