Tim Fowers Paperback

Tim Fowers Paperback The Card Game

New York Times review:

“Imagine Scrabble, but where you can use your word score to buy more tiles. Compete with your friends to build words and become famous in this clever card game.”

Featured in New York Times’ Gift Guide.

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4.4 out of 5.0

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Ranked 70th in Women

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Tim Fowers Paperback – The Card Game is a card game in which players create words using individual letters. In the game, players score words to purchase better letters with good abilities; however, scoring will not win the game – they must complete novels to make it a paperback novelist.

Tim Fowers Paperback – The Card Game contains a strong two-piece box, more than 200 grey-core linen-finish cards, wooden counters, dividers for organizing, and full-color instructions. The game is designed to be played by at least two players, and the players can be increased to a total number of five players. The game offers a playing time of 45 minutes, and it can be played by players aged more than ten years of age.

Tim Fowers Paperback – The Card Game is a wonderful game for almost anyone. Casual gamers can take pleasure in the simple gameplay and the creativity the game offers by which they express in their word choices. Serious players can make use of their brain to skillfully use deckbuilding mechanisms in an original word game. Families can enjoy the obvious fun and educational value the game provides.

The Tim Fowers Paperback – The Card Game also has mini expansions available for players such as Awards, Attacks, Themes, and Powers. The game is easy to comprehend, fast to set up, and there are adequate mechanics and letters in the game to retain the interest of a player. It is strongly recommended for a casual player if he or she wants to get into card games.

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